Made in France 

Rémy Laure manufactures 100% of its products in France, which guarantees quality and traceability, as well as the good image of the brand well beyond our borders. By being loyal to the beauty salon network, we support traditional shops.

Value for money 

Our ambition is to offer high quality products at a reasonable price. The added value of the beautician's advice should not prevent women from accessing the quality of a professional brand.


Our formulas are created with high quality, recognized and tested ingredients. Our products are certified by toxicologists in order to guarantee you perfect safety during their use.

 Beauty Salons 

The Rémy Laure brand is loyal to beauticians for professional and personalized advice to obtain the best results for your skin. We invite our customers to buy their Rémy Laure products in a partner institute in order to use the most suitable products.

Clean Beauty 

The "Clean Beauty" is a trend that has taken hold on the cosmetics market. Consumers' expectations or fears, often (but not always) legitimate, take some time to be adopted by industry. Rémy Laure regularly reformulates products to meet this trend.

La Beauté pour tous 

We regularly offer gifts to various organizations (retirement homes, associations for women in precarious situations, associations for people with disabilities...), with the aim of "Beauty for all".