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Super Million Hair

Super Million Hair 15g #1 Black (SMH15-01)

Super Million Hair 15g #1 Black (SMH15-01)

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  • SUPER MILLION HAIR – Super Million Hair Enhancement Fibers is specially produced artificial hair that is cut into small sections and adheres to your existing hair with static electricity to conceal thinning hair. In just seconds, thousands of the tiny color-matched hair fibers will intertwine with your hair and cover-up any exposed scalp. Charged with static electricity, it bonds so securely to stay in place all day and night long, even through strong winds or rain, and sweat during exercise.
  • BEST HAIR SOLUTION FOR YOU – Solve your thinning hair problem in 10 seconds! These specially processed natural fibers will effectively help you to look young and beautiful even as you get older. Hair is an essential part of you as it can change you whole face. With Super Million Hair, you can apply it by simply holding the custom container over your thinning area, and sprinkle it gently over your hair and scalp for a full head of hair! It’s a simple at-home treatment to enhance your style.
  • NATURAL COLOR CHOICES – The No. 1 brand in the world among same category, Super Million Hair 15G is available in a variety of colors to best accurately color match to your natural hair color for the most authentic look. All you have to do to get started is simply choose the color closest to your existing hair for undetectable blending. With nine color options, it's so easy to conceal your thinning: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blond, Wheat Blond, Auburn, Gray, and White.
  • PRODUCT BENEFITS – Achieve thicker, fuller looking hair instantly every time! Great for men and women of all hair types, this topical thinning hair solution is made from natural high quality real hair fibers and is designed to be a quick and easy 10-second application. It effectively conceals thinning and balding in just seconds, as the fibers magnetically bond securely to your existing hair and stay put for 24 hours when you wash them out.
  • EASY TO USE – Applying Super Million Hair is very easy for anyone. Step 1: Wash, dry, and set your hair. Please waist until the hair dries out if you are using one of the hair tonics. Step 2: Sprinkle over the thinning area. Step 3: Check to see if the thinning area is completely covered by using a hand mirror. Step 4: Stroke gently to scatter the fibers with your hair. Step 5: Apply Super Million Hair Mist about 6 inches away from your hair. To remove, easily wash off with any shampoo.

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