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Enfanti All Hair Type Conditioner 8oz (SMH-CO-308)

Enfanti All Hair Type Conditioner 8oz (SMH-CO-308)

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Enfanti All Hair Types Conditioner with its gentle, balanced and ideal healing technology, it moisturizes and rejuvenates hair with green tea, nettle, chamomile, calendula and guarana extracts. 

Green tea is highly regarded for its potent antioxidants and anti-aging properties and is known to help stimulate hair growth. Nettle provides a protective coating that strengthens the hair shaft and helps to repair chemically damaged hair while stimulating hair growth. Chamomile offers calming, cooling and soothing effects as well as anti-inflammatory benefits, while calendula increases hair shaft elasticity and flexibility to prevent breakage. 

Also key ingredients in Enfanti Conditioner, guarana invigorates weak scalp while providing antioxidant and antibacterial effects while tocopheryl acetate, also known as vitamin E acetate, is a naturally occurring antioxidant.

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