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Enfanti Maxx 16oz (SMH-MX-916)

Enfanti Maxx 16oz (SMH-MX-916)

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It simply mixes in with perm, bleach, or hair coloring solution to prevent and repair chemical damage caused by hair applications. Plant cellulose based, it permeates into the hair to protect from harsh chemicals. Does not alter the effect of the hair application. May be mixed in shampoo and conditioner for daily treatment, or directly on damaged hair for intense treatment.

• Eliminates chemical odors
• Improves hair texture
• Strengthens hair fibers
• Prolongs hair life
• Beautiful color and curl
• Prevents chemical damage

Enfanti MAXX Hair Strengthening Treatment is ideal to mix with perm, bleach or hair color solutions to help reduce odors and prevent and repair chemical damage. It does not affect the outcome of the hair treatments. Panthenol, a natural hydrating form of pro-vitamin B, softens and strengths hair by filling in cracks on the hair shaft, which in turn helps to add body and keeps split ends from forming. 

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