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Enfanti Intensive Scalp Cleanser - Water Type (SMH-CX-108)

Enfanti Intensive Scalp Cleanser - Water Type (SMH-CX-108)

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For normal to oily scalp

This refreshing scalp cleansing formula gently exfoliates oxidized oil and
dirt on the scalp. It penetrates deep into the scalp pores to eliminate everyday
environmental toxins. Stimulates and fortifies the scalp and hair with a blend of
natural plant active ingredient, Ginseng, Henna, Saponaria, Horseradish, Nettle,
and Chamomile. Specially formulated to emulsify residue on the scalp and helps
promote healthy hair growth.

Detoxifies the scalp pores
Delivers immediate cooling & soothing sensation
Deep cleanse & gently removes excess sebum


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