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Enfanti Tea Tree Conditioner 8oz (SMH-CT-308)

Enfanti Tea Tree Conditioner 8oz (SMH-CT-308)

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Enfanti Tea Tree Conditioner restores dry, brittle and tired hair. Fortified with tea tree oil and other botanical extracts, it smoothes and softens a flakey, irritated scalp. It locks in moisture and instantly detangles and softens hair adding fullness, luster and manageability.

Calendula extract works to reduce inflammation and soothe irritated tissue. It increases hair shaft elasticity and flexibility to prevent breakage. It also penetrates the core of hair to restore keratin levels or fibrous structural proteins. Hydrolyzed wheat and soy proteins act to reinforce the hair shaft and replenish hair to its youthful form. The low molecular weight allows the proteins to penetrate the hair and strengthen its structure.

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