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Indian Ear Candle Dense Therapeutics - Dreamy Lavender (RIE-102)

Indian Ear Candle Dense Therapeutics - Dreamy Lavender (RIE-102)

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Pack of 10 Ear Candles


  • No smoke, no ash, steady flame
  • Harmless to skin
  • With high quality oil

The principle of Indian Ear Candle:  The slight pressure produced by burning oscillates the air and thus the drumhead is massaged, and the ears feel warm.  Use the quantity of burning heat to let the botanic oil enter the ears.  Then dust and dirt in the ears will become fragile, and the clog which disease and injection have cumulated will be vented.


100% organic materials, 100% natural bees wax, pure oil, all of the materials are handmade and comply with the requirements for environmental protection.

Scent also available:  Romantic Rose, Warm Orange, Fresh Corn Mint, Lifeful Tea Plant, Mild Rosemary, Peaceful Sandalwood.

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