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m72 Ceramide

Shine Serum 4oz (SMH-MSS-504)

Shine Serum 4oz (SMH-MSS-504)

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M72 Ceramide Shine Serum  repairs and rejuvenates damaged and brittle hair into a silky texture that is manageable, elastic, ultra shiny, beautiful, and healthy.

  • Prevents Split Ends
  • Soft & Silky
  • Brilliant Shine
  • Alcohol Free

Ceramide / 72 Minerals / Certified Organic Extracts

 M72 CERAMIDE SHINE SERUM is an alcohol free, lightweight serum that repairs and rejuvenates damaged ends, turning brittle strands into manageable, beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. Abundant in vitamin E, its naturally protective and healing properties shield hair from harsh UV rays and pollutants. Keratin amino acids recover strength, elasticity and moisture while repairing hair from the core. Safflower oil offers regenerating and nourishing benefits and leaves a brilliant high gloss shine.

How to use

Work a small amount of M72 Ceramide Shine Serum onto damp hair before styling to add shine, condition and tame frizz or after styling to help take down flyaway and or detail a hairstyle.

Suggested Retail Price :  $31.00

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